The 10 Commandments of Content for Agencies

By | July 2, 2012
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What commitments to content quality does your agency uphold?

10 CommandmentsIn last week’s client service workshop, our team reviewed the basics surrounding copywriting. It was a refresher for veteran employees and an introduction for new employees that stressed the strategy, purpose and commitment to quality behind every piece of content that comes out of the agency.

Be it an analyst article, blog post or social media update, the same basic rules apply across the board. Here’s a peek into PR 20/20’s “10 Commandments" of content.

Content Commandments

  1. I will start each piece with a client interview; client, competitor and industry research; and an outline if needed. I will confirm with my team or client that the thesis accurately reflects the purpose of the content piece.
  2. I will not plagiarize. I will cite outside information and give clear credit to resources for non-original thoughts or statements.
  3. I will optimize titles, subheads, copy and calls to action before giving to someone else to review.
  4. I will use spell check before giving my work to someone else to review.
  5. I will physically click on each link to make sure it directs readers to the right place before giving to someone else to review.
  6. I will make all writing as client-ready as possible, at every stage of the process.
  7. I will pay attention to details (even consistent fonts matter).
  8. If needed, I will ask for help or direction as early in the process as possible, aiming to work efficiently.
  9. I will give all work a complete, final read before delivering to client—even if I’ve already proofed an earlier draft.
  10. I will deliver to clients with purpose, including any necessary background, rationale, images, deadlines, relevant offers and next steps. 

What guidelines and standards would you add to the list? What do you expect from your team in terms of content quality?