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By | September 14, 2011
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As change velocity accelerates, and success factors and consumer behavior evolve, traditional agencies unwilling or unable to adapt will quickly be left behind, and hybrid agencies will come to rule the marketing world.

These emerging leaders are tech savvy, offer integrated services, hire and retain versatile talent, and profit from diversified revenue streams. They thrive on change, and continually apply shifts and advances in technology to strengthen their businesses, evolve their services and deliver greater value to clients.

However, building a dynamic, full-service hybrid agency requires incredible drive, remarkable patience and an undying belief that you are creating something of great significance. It’s not the right career choice for everyone; therefore, it’s important to understand your role in the agency ecosystem.

The Agency Ecosystem

The evolving marketing-services ecosystem consists of six agency classifications: disruptors, traditionalists, softservers, specialists, connectors and soloists. Each plays an essential role in the development of a more open and collaborative community.

Marketing Agency Ecosystem

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Disruptors: Disruptors will be the dominant players in the new ecosystem. They are the most advanced of the hybrids in terms of technology integration, diversified services and talent versatility.

Traditionalists: While still influential due to their large networks, established client rosters and legacy brands, traditionalists’ archaic business models are difficult to evolve. Therefore they will struggle to compete as more companies seek innovative approaches to interactive marketing needs.

Softservers: Softservers encompass technology companies that are building service divisions, either based on customer demand for advanced product expertise, or out of necessity to improve utilization and performance.

Specialists: Specialists focus on niche markets and opportunities. The top specialists are in high demand for their expertise, and thus, they can charge premiums for their services.

Connectors: Connectors are often the thinkers and networkers, not the doers. They prefer to make connections and build provider networks that enable them to earn comfortable profit margins.

Soloists: Soloists have modest growth goals. They are limited by their own time capacities, and therefore either have a small collection of larger accounts, or are taking advantage of emerging online service marketplaces to find consistent project work.

Outsourcing and Collaboration

Whether you are building a disruptor, or planning to stay small and enjoy the freedom that comes from life as a soloist, outsourcing and collaboration are essential.

Until you can make a strong business case for bringing new capabilities in house, either through an acquisition or hire, it is best to focus on your agency’s core competencies, and find great partners for the rest. Start by determining the service mix needed to plan and execute client campaigns, and then go to work finding the right partners.

Transform Into a Hybrid—Table of Contents

  • Every firm is a tech firm.
  • Meet the demand for digital services.
  • Understand your role in the ecosystem.
  • The art of outsourcing and collaboration.
  • Diversify your revenue streams.

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