Alliance of Area Business Publications

January 26, 2013

Paul Roetzer (@paulroezer), CEO of PR 20/20 and author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint, will present “Publishers as Content Marketing Providers” on Jan. 26 at the Alliance of Area Business Publications Winter Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

With traditional publishing revenue on the decline, some publishers are turning toward content marketing to make up for decreases in ad spend. Their built-in distribution networks and staff of expert copywriters make them viable contenders to existing content providers. In this presentation, Roetzer will overview:

  • The evolving media and content marketing landscapes.
  • Content marketing opportunities available for publishers, including how to set up content marketing and agency-services divisions.
  • Challenges publishers may face in the transition, and best practices for content marketing success.

Learn more about publishers as content marketing agencies in this Marketing Agency Insider blog post, and register for the event on the Alliance of Area Business Publications’ website.