• Content Marketing's Talent Gap: More Jobs Than Qualified People

    December 12, 2017

    This is a guest post from John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co., keynote speaker, and author of “Top of Mind.” You can book John to speak here.

    Line up 100 managers, and all but six will tell you that content marketing is critical to their business strategy. At the same time, they’ll probably agree that landing an exceptional content marketing candidate is more difficult than training a cat to use the toilet.

    So, what’s the problem?

    Colleges, universities, and other educational institutions are prepping students for a host of positions, but few include the heavy-duty, highly evolved content marketing roles that modern companies and agencies are looking for. Instead, their curricula tend to focus on business marketing and professional writing — great skills, sure, but only part of today’s content marketing ecosystem.

    As a result, top content marketers are being wooed and snatched up before most employers can even post their Indeed advertisements. Despite these hiring challenges, agencies need to press forward to discover a way to bridge the content marketing talent gap — or risk missing major opportunities to grow their businesses.

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  • 4 Tips for Retaining Content Marketing Clients

    August 25, 2015

    Below is a guest post from Jeremy Durant (@BopDesignSD), business principal at Bop Design, a B2B content marketing agency and web design firm based in San Diego, CA, with locations in Orange County and Los Angeles. Jeremy creates successful web design and content marketing strategies for B2B firms.

    Although widely accepted as the future, content marketing can often be a hard sell, particularly to the C-Suite. For many firms and agencies, the process of selling content marketing doesn’t stop at the signing of a contract, but actually continues throughout the life of the content marketing project.

    As content marketers, we know a content strategy takes time and does not always have immediate results like pay-per-click ads. While clients may understand this at the onset of a content marketing project, they can start to get restless (possibly from their managers who are demanding results) as a project matures. In my experience working on B2B content marketing strategies, I’ve discovered four major things that are essential to retaining clients and ensuring a digital strategy is successful.

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  • Making Your Content Count: Defining Your Customer Personas

    February 18, 2014

    Below is a guest post from Don Broekelmann (@dbroekel), executive vice president at Influence & Co., a professional branding firm based out of Columbia, Mo. Don works with Influence & Co.’s brand partners to develop content marketing plans to create authentic engagement with specific customer segments.

    When it comes to marketing, we all want the biggest bang for our buck. But there’s a common misconception that “the biggest bang” simply means reaching the most people.

    It’s tempting to develop content that appeals to everyone. When it comes to content marketing, however, the key is quality — not quantity. Reaching the right audience through the best channels is the linchpin of a successful strategy.

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  • How to Use Content Marketing to Attract Clients

    January 14, 2014

    In this guest post, Trent Dyrsmid explains the value of quality content in attracting clients to your marketing agency.

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  • How to Use Your Agency Blog to Gain New Clients

    September 23, 2013

    An agency blog can be many things: an extension of your portfolio, a chance for you to discuss noteworthy news and views in the industry, or a place to post silly pictures of cute cats. But there's one other use of an agency blog that many agencies overlook: its role as a lead-generation tool.

    How do you use your agency blog to find and convert leads? Steff Moore, content editor at WorkflowMax, gives her best tips.

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  • 3 Tips for Quality, Consistent, Client Content

    August 13, 2013

    With the rise of content marketing, marketing professionals are increasingly counted on as copywriters. This brings with it a responsibility to deliver technically sound copy, consistent in voice and style to the client’s brand.

    But, how do agencies ensure that they are delivering their best work, consistently and efficiently? To help, we offer three tips.

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  • How Content Marketing Is Evolving the PR Agency

    July 12, 2013

    Below is a guest post from Holly Regan (@SoftwareAdvice), managing editor at Software Advice, a company that helps connect buyers with the right software..

    Due to the growing prominence of online publications and the expansive reach of social media networks, the way PR agencies traditionally generate coverage is evolving. PR agencies can’t just rely on planning events, pitching big media outlets, and convincing reporters to develop a write-up on their press release.

    Due to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and popular blog sites, PR agencies are now needed to manage search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, email outreach and social media communities, among other responsibilities.

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  • Baer, Rose and Roetzer Team Up for Content Marketing World Agency Workshop

    May 30, 2013

    A 2013 Content Marketing Institute study found that B2B marketers spend 33% of their marketing budgets on content with 54% planning on increasing that spending next year. Forty-four percent of respondents outsource at least a portion of this work.

    As a result, content marketing offers a large growth opportunity for agencies to differentiate themselves and grow theirs and their clients’ businesses. However, agencies that provide strong, multimedia content services are rare.

    Do you sell content marketing services, or are you looking to move into the market? If so, then the Content Marketing World workshop, “Building Your Content Marketing Agency / Consultancy,” is a can’t-miss event.

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  • Publishers as Content Marketing Agencies

    December 17, 2012

    Some publishers see this growth of content marketing as a golden opportunity—a way to add revenue streams and make up for decreases in ad spend. Their built-in distribution networks and staff of expert copywriters make them viable contenders to existing marketing and content agencies.

    As Andrew Davis (@TPLDrew) explained in a recent Insider Series: “These publishers are masterful content creators, and they are able to charge a premium for the services they offer by leveraging their market research, existing distribution platforms, and even the talent from their editorial teams.”

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  • Building Agency and Client Brands: Q&A with John Hall, Digital Talent Agents

    December 14, 2012

    John Hall (@tweetJohnHall) is the CEO of Digital Talent Agents (DTA), a full-service professional branding firm that works with clients to build thought leadership, establish market awareness and credibility, and manage their reputations. DTA’s sweet spot is obtaining strategic, high-quality interviews and bylined articles for clients. Learn more about how DTA combines content and PR in this Insider Series.

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