The Client Services Series: A Year in the Life of a Hypothetical B2B Account

An Immersive Experience in Account Management, Retention and Growth

(Originally recorded Nov.-Dec. 2012)

Marketing Agency Insider introduces The Client Services Series: A Year in the Life of a Hypothetical B2B Account. Prepare to be immersed like never before in the planning, execution and evolution of an integrated marketing campaign. Registration includes:

  • Seven on-demand webinar sessions.
  • Planning and management of a hypothetical B2B software account — Social Business Unlimited (SBU).
  • Crowdsourced learning and adaptive curriculum that changes weekly based on attendee insight.
  • Dedicated private Yammer social network for real-time collaboration among attendees.
  • Exclusive resource downloads including private beta versions of Agency Manager, Scorecard and GamePlan — management tools featured throughout the series.
  • Insight from leading marketing agency minds, including Paul Roetzer and Jay Baer.
  • Unique affiliate code, featuring revenue sharing on event registration referrals.
  • Signed copy of The Marketing Agency Blueprint.
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The Story of Social Business Unlimited (SBU)

Social Business Unlimited (SBU), a hypothetical company that delivers enterprise social network solutions, is at the epicenter of a business revolution. Forrester predicts that the enterprise social software (ESS) market will grow at an annual compound rate of 61 percent over the next five years, exceeding $6.4 billion by 2016. SBU is two years old, sitting on $5 million in venture capital funding, and stacked with brilliant developers.

However, it faces seemingly insurmountable challenges in a highly competitive space. While the company has capital, it lacks internal competencies in key marketing disciplines; it has made some PR and customer service missteps in its efforts to scale; and it can't outspend its high-profile competitors that are entrenched in the market.  

It's a race to the top of a multi-billion dollar industry, and your agency has the opportunity to take them there. SBU has allocated $8,000/month for agency services. It's a high-risk account that could be gone within six months if you don't deliver, but it also has huge upside, with the potential to grow to a $15,000 - $20,000/month account within a year.

Join us as we adventure through a year in the life of this hypothetical company and marketing program, and collaborate with your peers to manage, retain and grow the SBU account.

Session 1 — The Marketing Assessment: How to Analyze Companies, Forecast Potential and Align Expectations

(Available On-Demand) Session 1 demonstrates how to utilize subjective assessments — from the viewpoint of internal client stakeholders — to create a strong partnership foundation, reduce client turnover rates, and increase performance and profitability. Session details.

Session 2 —The Scorecard: How to Build a Customized Marketing Performance Dashboard

(Available On-Demand) Transparency is the future of business. In session 2, we'll build a custom Scorecard for SBU that will house all primary and secondary metrics. Session details.

Session 3 — The GamePlan: How to Connect Agency Services to Audiences and Metrics that Matter

(Available On-Demand) Leading marketing agencies turn information into intelligence, and intelligence into action. In session 3, we'll build the SBU GamePlan, and demonstrate a process for connecting all projects (aka epics) to audiences and outcomes. Session details.

Session 4 — The Honeymoon: How to Mix Builders and Drivers (Q1)

(Available On-Demand) In session 4, we'll walk through the first quarter of SBU's program. You'll be presented with scenarios, and encouraged to share thoughts and ideas in the private Yammer network leading into session 5. Session details.

Session 5 — The Reality: How to Make the Partnership Work through the Ups and Downs (Q2)

(Available On-Demand) Session 5 is The Reality. This is when relationships are made or broken. We'll explore techniques to deal with client challenges and personalities, develop answers to client FAQs, and adapt strategies in real-time to seize market opportunities. Session details.

Session 6 — The Tipping Point: How to Adapt and Evolve at a Critical Stage in the Client Lifecycle (Q3)

(Available On-Demand) With the change of management, SBU enters the "Red Zone." This is The Tipping Point, a period every agency, and every account, goes through. Except, in this case, we'll work through it as a group — sharing insights from our collective experiences, and activating a plan to retain and grow the SBU account.

We'll be joined by special guest Jay Baer, president of Convince & Convert and co-author of The Now Revolution. Session details.

Session 7 — The Renewal: How to Solidify the Relationship and Focus on Long-Term Growth (Q4)

(Available On-Demand) In this final session —The Renewal — we'll run Q4 of the program, analyze Scorecard data, build an annual review deck, and take a fresh look at the future of SBU. Session details.

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