Session 3: Positioning, Selling and Transitioning Clients to Point Pricing

Point Pricing for Agencies is a three-course, on-demand series featuring more than a dozen exclusive resources, including pricing strategy documents, tools and templates that your agency can use to establish, launch and evolve its own point pricing model.

Session 3 Highlights and Details 

Session 3 gives you the tools and knowledge to put point pricing into practice. You’ll learn how to educate employees, position with prospects and introduce to clients. This final session in the series will also provide an overview of how agencies can collaborate moving forward to continually improve the point pricing model. 

  • Internal Adoption: Walk through the process of introducing point pricing to your team, including sample FAQs, guides and checklists.
  • Sales: Learn how to position and pitch point pricing in your sales process and materials.
  • Client Rollout: Gain access to a wealth of content and processes to strategically introduce clients to point pricing.
  • Community & Collaboration: Discuss ways the agency community can come together to enhance and improve point pricing in the months and years ahead.

Materials included:

  • [Document] Internal planning Q&A
  • [Document] Sample employee communications
  • [Document] Sample client communications
  • [Document] Point pricing prospect/client FAQ
  • [Template] Sample point pricing terms of agreement
  • [Template] Sample point pricing campaign charts (e.g. lead gen campaign, trade show, brand launch, webinar)

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