Session 1: Introduction to Point Pricing 

Point Pricing for Agencies is a three-course, on-demand series featuring more than a dozen exclusive resources, including pricing strategy documents, tools and templates that your agency can use to establish, launch and evolve its own point pricing model.

Session 1 Highlights and Details

Take a deep dive into the origins of the point pricing model, the anatomy of how it works and guidance on how to establish and evolve your own value-based pricing model.

  • Origin: Explore the origins of the point pricing model and the creation of the pivotal value metric that became the foundation for a new approach to value-based pricing.
  • Economics: Learn the fundamental financial building blocks of point pricing, determine your KPIs, and consider how to drive productivity, profitability and performance with points.
  • Anatomy: Go deep into the inner workings of point pricing including how to determine the price per point and building points-based service packages.
  • Evolution: Find out how PR 20/20 has adapted point pricing since it was first introduced in January 2014, and apply lessons learned to the creation of your value-based pricing model.
  • The Start: Explore the 12 critical questions every agency should consider when establishing, evaluating or evolving a value-based pricing model.

Materials Included:

  • [Worksheet] How to calculate price per point
  • [Worksheet] Sample service package chart
  • [Document] Lessons learned
  • [Document] 12 questions to ask of your own pricing model
  • [Template] Internal client services report: monthly and quarterly template scorecard and narrative


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