Marketing Score, Online Assessment Tool

Marketing ScoreNow available in public beta, Marketing Score is a free assessment tool and marketing intelligence engine powered by PR 20/20 that can help agencies with the assessment process.

It’s built on the premise that every element of an organization, as it relates to marketing, can be divided into assets, neutrals and escalators. Assets are existing strengths that can accelerate marketing success, while escalators are weaknesses that require additional resources to improve.

Using Marketing Score, internal stakeholders subjectively evaluate and grade their organizations across 10 sections and more than 130 factors — identifying opportunities and gaps along the way. From an agency perspective, access to Marketing Score results provides unparalleled insight into the lead or client’s foundation, potential and expectations.

Sign up for Marketing Score free today, and learn more about how the agency program can help you forecast potential and align expectations for your leads and clients.

Additional information on agency benefits and opportunities are also available in this Marketing Agency Insider blog post.